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sabre/dav 2.1.1 release

We just released sabre/dav 2.1.1. Upgrading is highly recommended.

Two new bugs were found and fixed quickly after the 2.1 release two days ago, one related to the database migration process and one related to iMip.

Upgrade sabre/dav by running:

composer update sabre/dav

Or download the zip from the releases page.

Full changelog can be found on Github

sabre/dav 2.1 released

We just released sabre/dav version 2.1. This release comes about 6 months after the last major release, so that's nicely on track!

New features


We finally have support for CalDAV Scheduling (rfc6638). Adding scheduling to your server means that you can invite attendees to your events, and have those invites automatically delivered to other calendars on the system.

CalDAV clients that support this will be able to show an invitation interface and allow attendees to accept or decline invitations, and have all of this processed on the server.

If you're inviting attendees that are not on the server, you can also optionally set-up an iMip (rfc6047) plugin. This will allow the server to send invitation emails on behalf of the user.

For more information, read the scheduling documentation.

vCard 4 support

In the past, the CardDAV plugin only supported vCard 3.0, which is the vCard version that's required for CardDAV and also what most clients use.

Since sabre/dav 2.1, the server also support vCard 4.0 (rfc6350). vCard 4.0 is a much more modern format, adds a lot of great features, and doesn't suffer from many of the problems vCard 3.0 had.

Now if a client stores either a vCard 3 or 4, these vCards will be stored as-is, but if a client requests either a vCard 3 or 4 (using content-negotation), we will automatically convert the vcard before sending it back to the client.

jCard support

It's now also possible for clients to request jCard (rfc7095). jCard is a JSON representation of vCard 4.0.

jCard is much easier to parse than vCard 4.0, so we also highly recommend client developers to start supporting this.


A lot of smaller changes have been made since version 2.0. You can find more details in the ChangeLog. Read from 2.1.0-alpha1 onwards, as most changes have been made in the alpha versions.


As always, the zip can be found on the github releases page, but the recommended installation method is using composer:

composer require sabre/dav ~2.1.0


A few backwards compatibility breaks have been made in this release. Overall they should be pretty minor and easy to deal with.

If you are running a standard server, it's likely that you only have to run the database upgrade script, but if you did any sort of customizations, chances are that you need to make changes in your code to keep stuff running.

Make a backup. and then head to the migration instructions for 2.1.

Drop a line on the mailing list if you run into any issues, or get in touch with us for our commercial support options.

Support status

Due to the 2.1 release, 2.0 now enters maintenance mode. This means that version 2.0 of sabre/dav will be actively maintained for the next 12 months.

More information about previous versions and their support status can be found on the upgrade page.

Thank you!

sabre/vobject 3.3.4 release

We just released sabre/vobject 3.3.4.

This release adds:

  1. Converting ANNIVERSARY to X-ABDATE and X-ANNIVERSARY when converting between vCard 3.0 and 4.0.
  2. Reference-timezone support to the recurrence iterator, free-busy generator, and DATE-TIME and DATE properties for dealing with all-day events and floating times.

Upgrade sabre/vobject by running:

composer update sabre/vobject

If this didn't upgrade you to 3.3.4, make sure that your composer.json file has a line that looks like this:

"sabre/vobject" : "~3.3.4"

Full changelog can be found on Github.


Enterprise support

sabre/dav and the other projects are developed by fruux.

We provide:

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to discuss your requirements.

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