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sabre/dav 2.0.4 release

We just released sabre/dav 2.0.4.

This releases has a number of improvements, namely:

  1. PostgresSQL files have been corrected. Note that while we ship postgres files, it is not an officially supported database.
  2. After nodes had been deleted, locks were not automatically removed. This was problematic, because re-creating a node could cause it to be locked instantly. This is now fixed.
  3. There were some problems with both the default Cal- and CardDAV PDO backends, when the 'Sync' plugin is not enabled. This is now resolved.

Upgrade sabre/dav by running:

composer update sabre/dav

Or download the zip from the releases page.

Full changelog can be found on Github

sabre/vobject 3.3.1 release

We just released sabre/vobject 3.3.1.

Several bugs have been found in 3.3.0, all mostly related to the newly introduced iTip functionality.

This release also adds a new feature that allows people to specify new DATE-TIME values by passing PHP DateTime objects as such:

$vevent->DTSTART = new DateTime('...');

This was already possible in a lot of other places, but somehow this was missed for the 'magic property setter'.

Upgrade sabre/vobject by running:

composer update sabre/vobject

If this didn't upgrade you to 3.3.1, make sure that your composer.json file has a line that looks like this:

"sabre/vobject" : "~3.3.1"

sabre/vobject 3.3.0 release

We just released sabre/vobject 3.3.0!

This release has a few new features, but also changes a few things. For most people the upgrade should be seamless though.


Better RRULE parser

We now have much better support for RRULE, and especially exceptions to recurrences. This solved several bugs that have been outstanding for quite some time.

We now also support RDATE.

One change is that the old Sabre\VObject\RecurrenceIterator is now renamed to Sabre\VObject\Recur\EventIterator. The old class still exists, but will be removed in a future version.

Some more info about this feature here.

iTip support

VObject now supports generating and parsing iTip messages. iTip messages are a type of iCalendar object that are used for things like invites, replies and cancellations.

More info about this feature on the iTip page.

Switched to PSR-4

The directory structure of the VObject library changed. Everything that was previously in lib/Sabre/VObject is now moved to lib/.

If you are using composer you don't have to change a thing, but if you manually wrote an autoloader, you may have to make a change to accomodate for this.

We also removed lib/Sabre/VObject/includes.php.


Full changelog can be found on Github


To update your sabre/vobject, edit composer.json to make sure that it includes a line like this:

"sabre/vobject" : "~3.3.0"


Enterprise support

sabre/dav and the other projects are developed by fruux.

We provide:

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