jCal released as rfc7265

The IETF just made jCal available as rfc7265

jCal is a format to encode iCalendar, but instead of using the clumsy, and old 'mimedir' format, it uses JSON to encode the data.

This is very similar to jCard, which is the json-encoded version of vCards.

We're big fans of this new format. It can already be parsed by vobject and if you're running sabre/dav 2.0, the server can already emit it from REPORT and GET requests and accept it from PUT requests.

We recommend everyone in the industry to consider generating jCal where they are generating iCalendar today. It's a lot easier to parse and generate, and we hope that over time, jCal and jCard replace iCalendar and vCard as the format of choice.

Tags: jcal, icalendar, vobject