sabre/dav 1.7 end of support

As of right now, sabre/dav 1.7 has reached end of life status.

Version 1.8 has been released in November 2012, so people had 20 months to upgrade their systems.

We've done one final release (1.7.13), containing a few minor fixes and a newer version of the sabre/vobject library (if you're using the zip installation).

Upgrade sabre/dav by running:

composer update sabre/dav

Or download the zip from the releases page.

Full changelog can be found on Github

What does this mean?

From this point forward, we will no longer accept bug reports for version 1.7.

Also, no future releases will be made.

We may consider certain security bugs, but there are no guarantees.

Upgrading to 1.8

Upgrading to version 1.8 is not difficult. The main change that has been made between these versions, is that 1.8 makes use of PHP namespaces, where 1.7 uses the classic 'pear-style' prefix notation.

Make sure to check out the migration instructions for a detailed overview of the changes.

Keep in mind though that version 2.0 of sabre/dav is also already released. If you are upgrading, you're highly encouraged to take that additional upgrade step. Version 2.0 has its own migration instructions.

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