sabre/dav 2.0.5 release

We just released sabre/dav 2.0.5. Upgrading is highly recommended.

This release has an important bugfix. If-Modified-Since was not handled correctly, as we were not sending back 304 statuses, but 200 instead.

This could lead clients to believe that their local cache was expired and the new resource being empty, which in turn makes data-loss a possibility.

In addition to that, the zip also ships with vobject 3.3.3, which solves a problem a lot of people have been having with timezone-related errors being spammed to the PHP error log. Note that this is a PHP bug, but we've provided a workaround.

Upgrade sabre/dav by running:

composer update sabre/dav

Or download the zip from the releases page.

Full changelog can be found on Github

Tags: dav, release