Deprecating sabre/dav 1.8

Our versioning scheme from sabre/dav dictates that we stop support for a version of a package, 12 months after the next major version was released.

In ideal circumstances this means you have the full 12 months to do the upgrade.

Today marks that date for sabre/dav 1.8, as well as sabre/vobject 2.

What this means

  • We will no longer do new releases for these versions.
  • We will no longer accept bug reports for these versions. We might make an exception for serious security issues.
  • We will no longer provide support information for people running on these versions.
  • It also marks the end of the last sabre/dav to support PHP 5.3.
  • However, we will still offer paid support for these versions, if you are truly stuck in the past.

Some stats

  • sabre/dav 1.8 was first released November 8th, 2012.
  • The biggest change was the switch to PHP namespaces from the old prefix-format.
  • There were a total of 12 releases, averaging 0.63 releases per month.

Tags: dav, vobject, support, deprecation