sabre/vobject 3.4.0 release

We just released sabre/vobject 3.4.0. This release has a number of improvements and bugfixes.

  • Recurrence expansion and parsing is now a lot faster on big calendars. Our test iCalendar file was about 5MB large with an unusual high amount of recurrence rules. We got about a 1900% increase in speed. Most real-world calendars will not be as large, but should still benefit from this quite a bit.
  • We're now supporting parsing and validating VAVAILABILITY components, which is a new iCalendar component that may become an internet standard, but is currently still a draft. In the future we'll also add support for this in the freebusy generator, which will make it useful for sabre/dav users.
  • Updated to the latest timezone information.
  • Several other bugfixes.

Upgrade sabre/vobject by running:

composer update sabre/vobject

If this didn't upgrade you to 3.4, make sure that your composer.json file has a line that looks like this:

"sabre/vobject" : "~3.4"

Version 3.4.0 is 100% compatible with vobject 3.3.*

Full changelog of this release can be found on Github.

Tags: vobject, release