sabre/xml 1.3 released

We just released sabre/xml 1.3. This release is a fairly big update from the 1.2 series. It's 100% backwards compatible, but adds a number of exciting features:

The biggest is support for a new Value Objects feature. This new feature makes it extremely easy to map between Simple PHP classes and XML elements.

Read more on the documentation page, or check out our Atom sample parser for a working example.

In addition to that:

  • It's now possible to specify custom serializers for specific PHP classes. This would allow you to for instance specify how a PHP DateTime object might be serialized, or in general separate your serializers from the classes they are serializing.
  • Added new deserializer functions for common XML patterns: keyValue, elements, repeatingElements, valueObject.
  • It's now possible to tell Sabre\Xml\Service::expect a list of possible expected XML root elements.
  • Lots of small bugfixes.
  • Major documentation updates.

The full changelog can be found on Github


Simply run:

composer require sabre/xml ^1.3.0

Tags: xml, release