Baïkal 0.4.0 released

We just released Baïkal 0.4.0. This release contains a number of changes that should improve the system for a number of users. The 0.3.x range of releases had seen a number of stability problems, due to a relatively big sabre/dav upgrade.

I'm attributing the issues to growing pains. With the 0.4.0 release we hope that the most of the common issues are solved. This release contains the following changes:

  • SQlite users had issues syncing. This was due to a newly added feature (sync reports). Upgrading to 0.4.0 will repair your database schema and should make existing setups sync again.
  • The installation threw an error if you didn't have the Sqlite PDO PHP extension installed.
  • We added the "Property storage" plugin. This enables a range of features for clients, such as availability, default alarms and "me card".
  • We added the Scheduling plugin, which adds scheduling and free-busy. Enabling this should also solve a problem with iCal, which behaved badly without this plugin.
  • We removed the "admin locking" features. In the past it was possible to disable the Baïkal admin by removing the ENABLE_ADMIN file from the Specific/ folder. This feature is now no longer supported, and users should instead use their Webserver configuration to block access to the admin.

Read the upgrade instructions here. Full changelog can be found on Github

Tags: baikal, release