sabre/event 5 released

We just released sabre/event 5.0.0. This is only a month after the last major release, but it's for a good reason.

We've made a change in how coroutines work. Co-routines, which are based on generators were originally introduced in sabre/event for PHP 5.5.

At the time it was not possible for a PHP generator function to return anything like this:

function foo() {
    yield 1;
    return 2;

To work with this limitation in coroutines, we treated the last value that was passed with yield as the "returned value".

Since PHP 7 it is possible to use return and the PHP Generator object has a getReturn() method to access it.

We missed this in sabre/event 4, but it was quickly pointed out by Felix Becker.

Using return makes so much sense now we can, it was worth making a BC break for and releasing sabre/event 5 with the more sane behavior for PHP 7.

So today there's a sabre/event 5, and the only change is that if the previous example of the generator function is used in the coroutine system, it will now have 2 as its result instead of 1.

Tags: event, release