sabre/vobject 4.1.0 released

We just released sabre/vobject 4.1.0. This release is fully compatible with the 4.0.x series.

This release adds a Sabre\VObject\PHPUnitAssertions trait that, for now, contains a assertVObjectEqualsVObject() function. This functions works similar to PHPUnit's built-in assertXmlStringEqualsXmlString(), and can be used by implementors to check if two iCalendar objects or vCards are identical semantically.

It also contains a number of other fixes:

  • When doing recurrence expansion, the first event now also have a RECURRENCE-ID property.
  • Fixes a bug in processing iTip REPLYs to recurring events.
  • Better error messages and improved validation in a number of areas.

Upgrade sabre/vobject by running:

composer update sabre/vobject

Full changelog can be found on Github

Tags: vobject, release