sabre/http 5.0.0 release

We just released sabre/http 5.0.0

  • Now requires PHP 7.0+
  • Supports sabre/event 4.x and 5.x
  • Depends on sabre/uri 2.
  • hhvm is no longer supported starting this release.
  • It's now possible to supply request/response bodies using a callback function. This allows very high-speed/low-memory responses to be created.
  • Strict typing is used everywhere this is applicable.
  • Removed URLUtil class. It was deprecated a long time ago, and most of its functions moved to the sabre/uri package.
  • Removed Util class. Most of its functions moved to the functions.php file.
  • The $method and $uri arguments when constructing a Request object are now required.
  • When Sapi::getRequest() is called, we default to setting the HTTP Method to CLI.
  • The HTTP response is now initialized with HTTP code 500 instead of null, so if it's not changed, it will be emitted as 500.
  • `Sending charset="UTF-8" on Basic authentication challenges per RFC7617.
  • Added support for SERVER_PROTOCOL HTTP/2.0
  • Previous CURL opts are not persisted anymore
  • Final release

Upgrade sabre/http by making sure your composer.json has ~5.0 as a version requirement, and then just run composer update.

Full changelog of this release can be found on GitHub.

Tags: http, release