CalDAV Sharing

Since version 1.7 SabreDAV comes with experimental support for CalDAV-sharing. CalDAV sharing got a major overhaul in version 3.2, supporting updated standards and it now also comes with a default implementation in the CalDAV PDO backend.

To enable CalDAV sharing, make sure you have the following plugin enabled:

$server->addPlugin(new Sabre\DAV\Sharing\Plugin());

If you want to allow clients such as OS X and BusyCal to be able to manipulate who has access to a share, you must add another plugin, which is responsible for a compatibility layer until these clients are up-to-date with the specs:

$server->addPlugin(new Sabre\CalDAV\SharingPlugin());

Please note that you need both!

If you are writing you own CalDAV Backend, you can implement CalDAV sharing by making sure your CalDAV Backend class implements the following interface:


More information about implementing this interface can be found in the sabre/dav source.

The following specifications are supported:

Please note: you are reading the 3.2 version of this page. The following versions are also available: