BitKinex is a freeware WebDAV client for Windows. BitKinex is a simple application that allows browsing WebDAV servers.

Technical details

BitKinex will request the following properties:


As of version 3.2.1, BitKinex sends all PROPFIND request encoded as UTF-16. This was problematic for SabreDAV, because PHP's DOMDocument class did not seem to support this.

A workaround has been implemented, which is released with SabreDAV 1.2.2.


BitKinex seems to be very bad at any non-latin characters, or anything that needs to be percent encoded.

For instance, if file my picture.jpg is sent, it will be encoded as my%2520picture.jpg, instead of the expected my%20picture.jpg. This indicates that the filename is double-percent encoded.

SabreDAV will comply with the incorrect filename. After BitKinex uploads the file, it will check if the file exists. The incorrect filename now exists, but BitKinex thinks it doesn't. As a remedy it will simply keep on trying to upload and checking until a certain number of errors has been reached.

Therefore we don't recommend BitKinex unless it's for very simple usage and these concerns are not an issue.

User agent

BitKinex sends the following user agent: