DavFS is the most popular client for linux. You use the mount command to set up new webdav mounts that directly integrate into your filesystem.

It's also one of the most solid clients out there.


Simply type in:

Enter : mount -t davfs http://urltoyourwebdavserver mymountpoint 

Technical notes

DavFS requires A Class 2 server, otherwise it will go into read-only mode. It is possible to go into a read-write mode without a Class 2 server, by specifying the nolocks option.

By default DavFSv2 will do lots of buffering and caching. This means that even though a user has written to a file locally, it can take a while before the changes actually show up on the server. This can be quite confusing when working in teams.

Sample user agent

davfs2/1.1.2 neon/0.26.2
davfs2/1.4.7 neon/0.30.0


DavFSv2 asks for the following properties from the DAV: namespace

And from the http://apache.org/dav/props/ xml namespace