The Gnome client is a solid and efficient WebDAV client.

Technical details

Spotted user agent(s):



Gnome will request the following properties:

Redirect references

Gnome seems to specify the header:

Apply-To-Redirect-Ref: T

This is defined in rfc4437, and seems to indicate it has support for this. This is very interesting, because it might mean it perhaps supports hopping from server to server, or softlinks. (needs some investigation).

Copying directories

If you are running a Gnome version older than 3.0.2, you may be affected by this (pretty serious) issue. Later versions should have this fixed though.

Copying directories completely fails. GVFS does a GET on the source url, and a PUT on the destination url. While this works fine for files, for directories it's broken.

Often times this results in a file being created at the destination, with the contents of whatever a GET on the source was, often a html index.

Reference: Gnome bug 551339.

URL Encoding

Gnome did not seem to like url-encoding of ( and ). While these have no special meaning in http urls, these are considered 'reserved' and encoded by for example php's urlencode.

SabreDAV 1.0.12 and 1.2.0alpha1 will ship with a custom urlencoder for this purpose.

A more severe issue is that recent versions don't deal well with encoded characters at all. SabreDAV defaults to encoding characters to lower-case (%c3%a1), while Nautilus only seems to accept them as upper-case (%C1%A1).

Creating empty files

Reference: Gnome bug 603422.

Gnome has a feature to create a new empty document using the Nautilus interface. Gnome will do this with a PUT request with no body. It also doesn't send a Content-Length header, which might cause a problem for some webservers, which could respond with '411 Length Required'