Thunderbird itself is not a DAV client. But, this functionality can be achieved using add-ons.

Lightning is a very popular calendar add-on for Thunderbird, and adds support for CalDAV.

The Sogo Connector is an add-on developed for the SOGo groupware platform, and also allows people to use this to integrate with any standard CardDAV server.

CardBook is an add-on that can synchronize contacts with any standard CardDAV server.


Lightning adds CalDAV support to thunderbird. To set this up, simply go through the "File > new calendar" dialog.

It's important to note that Lightning, unlike many other CalDAV clients does not automatically find all the calendars that are associated with a user.

Instead, it requires the user to to add every individual CalDAV calendar manually.

The url used to setup CalDAV for lightning must be the full url to a calendar. In default sabredav installations this tends to have the following format:


So not the principal url.

SOGo connector

SOGo connector integrates the Thunderbird addressbook with CardDAV.

To install this plugin, head to the SOGo downloads page, and download the connector.

After downloading, head to the Add-ons manager in Thunderbird, click the cog icon and use 'Install from file'.

After installation it's possible to add CardDAV addressbooks to the Thunderbird Address Book. Note that just like Lightning, it is required to enter the entire path to the addressbook, as such:


Known bugs

The current latest version (24.0.3) has a bug that prevents creation of new contacts and updating.

More information: