iCalendar Export Plugin

There are some Calendaring tools that don't yet support CalDAV, but they do have support for the 'Subscribe to' feature.

Starting with SabreDAV 1.4, there is now a plugin that grabs an existing calendar, and exports it as a file that's compatible with these applications.


To use this plugin, simply add it to your server:

$icsPlugin = new \Sabre\CalDAV\ICSExportPlugin();

After this is added, you can generate these exports by finding a url to your calendar, and adding ?export at the end of the url. This will automatically trigger a download.

Sample url



The ICSExport plugin supports several options since version 2.0.

option description example
start Only show events from after this unix timestamp start=1391707119
end Only show events from before this unix timestamp end=1391707215
expand Automatically expand recurring events expand=1
accept Convert the iCalendar data to jCal accept=jcal
componentType Filter by componentType, such as only VTODO. componentType=VTODO

Sample url: