Note: this feature is removed as of sabre/dav 2.1. Read scheduling for more details.

The IMipHandler is responsible for sending emails. This is used since version 1.6.

The reason this was added, was because iCal wrongfully assumes that a CalDAV server supports some parts of the CalDAV scheduling extension.

So by using the IMipHandler, SabreDAV will be able to send the following emails on your behalf:

In the future this system will also be used for other caldav-scheduling features.


To use the IMipHandler, simply attach it to Sabre\CalDAV\Plugin.

$caldavPlugin = new \Sabre\CalDAV\Plugin();
    new \Sabre\CalDAV\Schedule\IMip('')

You must specify a proper From: address. This class uses PHP's mail() function under the hood. To use some other system, it's possible to subclass it.