Property Storage Plugin

Since version 2.0.0 sabre/dav comes with a Property Storage plugin. This plugin allows you to store any arbitrary property on any resource.

It is possible to create different backends for this plugin, but sabre/dav ships with a PDO plugin.

The database schema can be found in examples/sqlite.propertystorage.sql and examples/mysql.propertystorage.sql.

To set this up, just run:

$storageBackend = new Sabre\DAV\PropertyStorage\Backend\PDO($pdo):
$propertyStorage = new \Sabre\DAV\PropertyStorage\Plugin($storageBackend);

Note on ACL

ACL will be enforced everywhere. Keep in mind though that for nodes where ACL is not defined, the server default is to give full permissions.

Note on server design

Some people design their servers that any user who logs in, gets a different 'view'. Some fileservers may for instance always only show the files in a server that the user owns.

A problem exists for these users, that everybody shares the same namespace. Since properties are stored per path, users may end up overwriting each others.

Restricting paths

It's possible to restrict in which paths properties may be stored. The Sabre\DAV\PropertyStorage\Plugin class has a $pathFilter property that accepts a callback.

This callback will be called for each path and should return true or false, depending on if storing properties is allowed, or not.


$propertyStorage = new \Sabre\DAV\PropertyStorage\Plugin($storageBackend);
$propertyStorage->pathFilter = function($path) {
    if (strpos('foo', $path)===0) {
        return false;
    } else {
        return true;

The preceding example does not allow storing properties in paths that start with 'foo'.