Standards Support

identifier description status
rfc2425 MimeDir (for vCard 3.0) Parsed by sabre/vobject.
rfc2426 vCard 3.0 Parsed by sabre/vobject.
rfc2518 WebDAV specification (obsolete) Implemented.
rfc2617 HTTP Basic/Digest auth (obsolete) Authentication plugin.
rfc2739 vCard extensions for calendaring Properties picked up by sabre/vobject.
rfc3253 Delta-V extension Not planned. See versioning.
rfc3648 Ordered collections Not planned.
rfc3744 ACL Supported. See ACL.
rfc4331 Quota and Size Properties Supported by Sabre\DAV\IQuota.
rfc4437 Redirects Reference Resources Not planned
rfc4709 Mounting WebDAV servers Supported. See DavMount.
rfc4770 vCard extensions for IM Properties picked up by sabre/vobject.
rfc4790 Collation registry CalDAV and CardDAV support a various number of collations.
rfc4791 CalDAV Supported. See CalDAV.
rfc4918 Current WebDAV rfc Supported. Duh.
rfc5323 WebDAV SEARCH Not planned.
rfc5397 Current-Principal Supported. Needs ACL plugin.
rfc5545 iCalendar 2.0 Parsed by sabre/vobject.
rfc5546 iTIP Implemented in sabre/vobject and used by scheduling.
rfc5689 Extended MKCOL Implemented in core server.
rfc5789 PATCH method for HTTP See Patch support.
rfc5842 WebDAV BIND Future. Maybe.
rfc5995 Using POST to Add Members Future. Maybe.
rfc6047 IMip See scheduling.
rfc6321 xCal Supported by sabre/vobject since version 4.
rfc6350 vCard 4.0 Parsed by sabre/vobject.
rfc6351 xCard Supported by sabre/vobject since version 4.
rfc6352 CardDAV Supported. See CardDAV.
rfc6473 VCard KIND:application Properties picked up by sabre/vobject.
rfc6474 VCard Place of birth/death Properties picked up by sabre/vobject.
rfc6578 WebDAV-sync Supported. See WebDAV sync.
rfc6638 Scheduling Extensions to CalDAV Supported. See Scheduling.
rfc6715 VCard extensions Properties picked up by sabre/vobject.
rfc6764 SRV and well-known See service discovery.
rfc6868 Parameter encoding for vcard/ical Integrated into sabre/vobject.
rfc6869 vCard KIND:device Properties picked up by sabre/vobject.
rfc7095 jCard Parsed and generated by sabre/vobject.
rfc7265 jCal Parsed and generated by sabre/vobject.
rfc7240 Prefer Header for HTTP Parsed by sabre/http, supported in core.
rfc7617 'Basic' HTTP Authentication Authentication plugin.

Non-standards and drafts

identifier description status
vcard21 vCard 2.1 Parsed by sabre-vobject.
carddav-directory CardDAV Directory Implemented. See carddav-directory.
ctag CTag property Implemented in CalDAV and CardDAV.
caldav-proxy Calendar delegation Implemented. See caldav-proxy.
caldav-sharing Calendar sharing Implemented. See caldav-sharing.
caldav-notifications Calendar notifications Part of caldav-sharing.
calendar-availability VAVAILABILITY Supported. See Scheduling.
webdav-prefer Prefer header for WebDAV Supported by core.