Temporary files

If you run a WebDAV server that exposes something like database-records as files, you may have run into the fact that operating systems tend to leave around garbage files.

This sucks, because if your webdav server is for instance a list of blog-posts, you may quickly accumulate a few blogposts with titles such as desktop.ini or .DS_Store.

The temporary file filter plugin works by intercepting all HTTP requests that attempt to create these types of files, and basically set these files aside.

If, after that, a client attempts to read, delete or modify those files it created earlier, the temporary file filter will respond by returning the actual uploaded file, without polluting your 'real' data.

Supported temporary files

Requests for more types of files is appreciated. We want to make this thing as effective as possible.


To use this plugin, just add it to the server.


$server = new DAV\Server($myTree);

$tffp = new DAV\TemporaryFileFilterPlugin('/path/to/temporary/directory');

A warning

It is not recommended to use this for standard file shares, where data integrity is the most important. Other files may match these patterns, or applications may store important data in these files.

The single intended use-case is situations such as the earlier example. Places where the data you're receiving is strictly controlled.

Cleaning up

Currently the TemporaryFileFilter doesn't clean up temporary files. It is recommended currently to create a cron-job to clean up files older than say, 24 hours.

SabreDAV ships with a tiny python script called 'naturalselection' in the bin/ directory that can automatically: