Writing a reverse proxy

With all these tools combined, it becomes very easy to write a simple reverse http proxy.


// The url we're proxying to.
$remoteUrl = 'http://example.org/';

// The url we're proxying from. Please note that this must be a relative url,
// and basically acts as the base url.
// If youre $remoteUrl doesn't end with a slash, this one probably shouldn't
// either.
$myBaseUrl = '/reverseproxy.php';
// $myBaseUrl = '/~evert/sabre/http/examples/reverseproxy.php/';

$request = Sapi::getRequest();

$subRequest = clone $request;

// Removing the Host header.

// Rewriting the url.
$subRequest->setUrl($remoteUrl . $request->getPath());

$client = new Client();

// Sends the HTTP request to the server
$response = $client->send($subRequest);

// Sends the response back to the client that connected to the proxy.