sabre/dav 1.7.12 and 1.8.10 released

We just released sabre/dav 1.7.12 and 1.8.10. These two releases are mainly bugfix releases centering around two things:

  • Better support for If-Match and If-None-Match
  • Lots of updates in the PATCH method.

Patch problems

We've gotten reports that there were problems with the PATCH plugin, and the associated documentation. Things were inconsistent and plain incorrect at times.

We've extended the documentation a great deal, now allowing you to correctly use negative offsets for patching and also appending.

We've also added a new interface to enable this functionality, namely Sabre\DAV\PartialUpdate\IPatchSupport.

The existing interface Sabre\DAV\PartialUpdate\IFile is now deprecated and will be removed in a future major version of sabre/dav. This was unfortunately needed to fix what was considered a bit of a mess.


sabre/vobject in the zip package is now upgraded to 2.1.4, which works around a backwards compatible break that was introduced in PHP 5.5.10 in relation to timezones.


To upgrade with composer, just run composer update sabre/dav on the command- line.

The zip files can be found on github.

Tags: dav, release