Development goals

While sabre/dav has obtained a decent marketshare for CardDAV, CalDAV, and WebDAV servers, traditionally it's always been intended to be a development library.

Because of this goal, it always had a very high barrier to entry. We want to solve this problem and bring it to a bigger market with sabre/katana.

sabre/katana will provide two core features:

  1. An installer.
  2. An admin interface.

It's our goal to make the admin interface an independent component, so it can also be used for any other sabre/dav server.

Installer design goals

The installer needs to help with getting people started getting their server up and running. Traditionally it was only ever possible to set up sabre/dav by copying files, and you were even forced to manually run SQL queries.

The installer will now walk you through the steps, in a way so that it's doable on people just having access to a shared host with (god forbid) something like an FTP account.

Admin interface

We will also add an admin interface. This admin interface should be seperable from the rest of the package.

Post 1.0 features: