This document explains how to install sabre/katana. We currently officially support two main installation methods:

Unless you are a developer, you will most likely want to follow the installation instructions for the ZIP archive.


Install from ZIP

  1. Download the latest ZIP archive from GitHub.
  2. Unzip the archive, and place all the contents into a location that's accessible through a webserver.
  3. Navigate to the installer. If you downloaded the ZIP archive and placed it in a directory called /katana, this means that you should access it via http://yourserver/katana/public/install.php, but bear in mind that this might be different for you.
  4. Follow the instructions in the browser.

From source

If you are a developer, and you want to install sabre/katana via Git, make sure you've cloned the repository located at

After that, you'll need:

to retrieve the various packages that are used in sabre/katana.

If you have all these package managers, run:

make install

After that, the installation should be ready to go. You can then run the installer via the web interface (in public/install.php) or via the command-line:

./bin/katana install